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We are one of the fastest-growing eLearning design and development companies in Michigan.  We are professional educators with over 70 years of educational experience, and are eLearning design and development experts. We understand the science, the research and the pedagogy to design the optimal eLearning course.  Our courses are engaging, impactful and memorable.

Whether we’re developing creating a course you designed, or we are developing the course based on your content and needs, we deliver courses that are interactive courses that will meet your needs in a spectacular way.



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How We Do It

When it comes to design and developing eLearning programs, the first thing we do is to listen to our clients.  We engage in a highly collaborative eLearning design dialogue to make sure that we fully comprehend the client’s vision for the class, and  the core essence of the content.

When we develop our classes, we understand the neuroscience of learning, how to engage the students and to mitigate the Forgetting Curve.  We use a template of EEL DRC, which stands for Engage, Experience, Label, Demonstrate, Review, Celebrate. Each step of this powerful Quantum Learning process is essential to ensure the lessons are engaging, practical and memorable.



Why We Do It

eLearning design and development let us combine our two passions:  education and technology.  We are not technological savvy entrepreneurs who want to break into the eLearning business.  We are educators who know how to effectively teach using technology.  There is a huge difference.  We are educators first, and technology is a tool-a tremendously powerful tool, but use it to help us to teach.  Education, the student, your content-that comes first. We just happen to be using technology as the delivery system.  You give us the recipe and we’ll create a gourmet dish for you–and boy can we cook!

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